DON’T FORGET THE TOILET PAPER!!!!!  Or the paper towels.

In today’s current working environment, it can be difficult to find many of the hand soaps, hand sanitizers, and paper products that your business needs.  We work with multiple suppliers to source products for our clients.  Sometimes brands or types of products are indefinitely back ordered, in which case we work with clients to find acceptable substitutions.   Once we establish which product brands and specific type you need, we do our best to keep adequate stock on hand to help deal with industry back orders and shortages.

Why buy from White Glove?

For our commercial clients we track inventory and bring in products as needed

Competitive pricing

Free delivery within our local area

Full range of product lines

Sample list of products available

Toilet paper

Roll towels

Folded towels


Hand soap

Feminine hygiene products

Urinal blocks/screens

Can liners

Dinnerware, Plates & Cups